Do you have a tax problem? Has the IRS sent you a notification in the mail about money you owe, but it’s not correct? It can be daunting to know that the IRS is pursuing you for income tax, whether you owe it or not. That’s why Tax Law Offices is here to help. We’re expert criminal tax attorneys in Naperville serving those dealing with the IRS. When you work with us, you’ll receive more than an income tax attorney to handle your IRS problems; we provide knowledge, resources, and experience to handle your problems quickly and efficiently.

In this post, we’ll share the 10 tips/questions to consider when searching for the best criminal tax attorney in Naperville. Don’t take on the IRS alone. Their policies and procedures are designed to be confusing; the entire tax process is complex. We can help. Call us to discuss your IRS problems today! Otherwise, continue reading this blog post to learn more.

Ten Questions To Ask Your Tax Attorney

Question #1 – Do you handle civil and criminal tax matters?

You want to know if the tax attorney handles civil and/or criminal tax matters exclusively. This will show you whether or not the tax attorney’s expertise is in tax law or something else.

Question #2 – How many tax cases have you handled?

You can put a time period on this, but try and keep it as far back as 12 months. There is no magic number you want to find, but compare this number across the 3-5 tax attorneys you talk to.

Question #3 – What is your process for handling my kind of tax case?

Make sure and get a clear answer. Ask follow up questions. You want to understand what’s going to happen if you go with a particular tax attorney. You don’t need to know the inner workings, but you should be familiar with the process.

Question #4 – Do you handle both tax compliance and legal aspects?

Some criminal tax attorneys don’t handle both compliance and legal aspects. In most cases, you want to find an attorney that handles both; however, as long as the attorney can handle your case, being able to take care of both compliance and legal aspects may not be necessary.

Question #5 – Do you provide a detailed work plan for the case?

This builds off of question three. If you can get a general work plan the attorney or firm will follow to handle your case, it will give you peace of mind that your criminal tax attorney is taking care of your case appropriately.

Question #6 – How do you keep up to date on tax law changes?

This questions may look simple on the surface, but it prods at a deeper question. You want the answer to this question to be as specific as possible. For example, a tax attorney worth their price tag will explain to you, in some form or another, that they’re keeping up with tax law changes via the legislation. They read it as soon as it comes out. There are no tax law changes that get past this attorney.

Question #7 – What level of attorney-client privilege is upheld?

In most cases, the tax attorney will uphold an attorney-client privilege relationship that supports your unfettered honesty. You need to be able to be completely candid to take care of your case effectively and efficiently. You want to also ensure you’re protected, in case you need to share information that could otherwise be used against you.

Question #8 – What is your firm’s reputation?

Does this tax attorney have a great reputation with past clients? Does the firm have a desirable rating on the Better Business Bureau? Do your research and dig up what you can. Bring any negative reputation issues to the table. Ask lots of questions.

Question #9 – Do you assist with IRS paperwork and financial reconstruction?

If the firm says yes, you won’t need a tax accountant. If they say no, you may need to find a third-party accountant to be included on your case.

Question #10 – Will the accountant assigned to the case submit returns that are filed?

If the firm or tax attorney provides a tax accountant for your case, make sure that accountant will organize and file your needed IRS paperwork for you. Otherwise, cut the charge and get your own third-party accountant that will file for you.

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