We try to provide greater access to our tax services and provide greater accountability for our work, our time and results with IRS audit, tax collection, offer-in-compromise, IRS tax reduction, and potentially criminal tax matters.

If the matter involves a significant potential liability, begin your IRS tax solution by scheduling an initial strategy meeting with expert tax lawyer Jeffrey Anton Collins. We will discuss the most important parts of the representation:

  • Contact or communication from IRS
  • Your actions, or those of your client
  • Your concerns and your options
  • Worst-case, best-case, and likely outcomes
  • Estimated time and overall cost in fees to complete

Business Tax Settlement Corp. of Jeffrey Anton Collins is dedicated to resolving substantial IRS tax problems for people nationwide. Our goal is to provide competent representation and results. With industry recognition, we accomplish our large national reach for significant tax matters with today’s technology, enabling us to work with clients, tax accountants, and IRS offices throughout the United States.

We fully support distance engagement with today’s utilization of electronic bank records, bookkeeping software, email, telephone, fax, and video communications. We conveniently offer initial strategy meetings by teleconference. Your information is securely held. Your case progress is always communicated. Representation by a strong, experienced taxpayer advocate is no longer limited by your physical location.

We return all phone calls, faxes, and email communications. And we will always treat you with respect.


If your IRS tax situation is substantial, we understand that this matter is already confusing to you. Your most important first task is quickly finding the right IRS representation. Our success is easier, the earlier you act. Our success stories span from Wheaton to Bolingbrook, California to the Carolinas, the Midwest to Florida, Alaska to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

We will provide aggressive representation. Whether the IRS field office is in Downers Grove near Chicago or across the country, we will be happy to discuss strategy with you.