IRS exams often result in additional tax liability. Your opportunity to correct a large IRS audit result may be with the United States Tax Court.

We challenge IRS audits throughout the U.S. Tax court system. When IRS sends you (or your client) an audit letter about an “Income Tax Examination”, hire an IRS tax attorney that can best handle an IRS tax audit. 

You may have already received an “Examination Changes Report” or a “Notice of Deficiency” (also called the “Statutory Notice” or “90-Day Letter”). There are legal pitfalls, deadlines, and requirements to present your best case. But also, there are opportunities to improve, or even eliminate the earlier tax examination changes. If your audit result exceeds $100,000, you must protect yourself.

Taxation law is complex,

and difficult for most people to understand

If you or your business is facing an IRS examination, you need representation. Remember, the IRS has LOTS of questions.

Without an experienced audit attorney, you could:

  • Be required to answer questions that you would rather avoid;
  • Refuse to answer those questions, making you uncooperative;
  • Answer a question untruthfully, and potentially commit a criminal act;
  • Fail to present legal issues that could benefit you in the audit;
  • Unintentionally expose yourself to an audit of additional years;
  • Petition incorrectly, forever barring you from the opportunity to change the audit.

20-Plus Years of Taxpayer Representation

IRS tax Attorney Jeffrey Anton Collins trained and worked as an IRS auditor, was licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, and later as an attorney, as he developed now over 20-plus years representing taxpayers in IRS criminal investigations and tax audits.

He handles large, complex IRS audits throughout the United States. He petitions and argues Tax Court cases routinely, for business owners throughout the U.S.

Have You (or Your Client) Faced These Questions?

  • Can I just file amended tax returns? (The answer is no. The amended return will be disregarded.)
  • What if I don’t have all my records or almost no records?
  • Will this close my business?
  • Will my employees get into trouble?
  • Do I have to face IRS myself? Should my return preparer represent me?
  • Could I possibly report some missed income without getting into trouble?
  • Is it too late to fight that amount?
  • Will I get into more trouble by fighting IRS?
  • If we go to Tax Court, could the amount increase?
  • Could this lead to a criminal investigation? Then what?

Whether you reside in the Naperville, Bolingbrook, Wheaton, IL areas or anywhere else in the United States and its territories, we can help with your questions.

Don’t simply settle for an unfairly large tax increase. Let us help you avoid (or even correct) costly mistakes. Business Tax Settlement Corp. (formerly the Tax Law Office of Jeffrey Anton Collins) will fight for you. Get a free consultation today!