If you or your tax client has been contacted or visited by an IRS Special Agent, you should strongly consider immediate representation. You may be under investigation for criminal violations of the U.S. Tax Code. Understand, every year taxpayers are convicted and imprisoned as a result of IRS investigations. You should engage an attorney for protection of your rights and/or freedom.

Find The Right Tax Attorney

Naperville’s Business Tax Settlement Corp. (formerly the Tax Law Office of Jeffrey Anton Collins) has successfully represented clients in Downers Grove, Lisle, the rest of Chicagoland, and throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Because of Attorney Collins’ unique background with IRS, formerly as a CPA, formerly as a tax return preparer, and now as an aggressive attorney licensed before the U.S. Tax Court, we provide the most comprehensive defense available to those potentially accused of intentional violations of 26 U.S.C. §7201 and following.


Months before you or your client were summonsed or visited by a Special Agent, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) began its investigation. The U.S government invested substantial time and money into learning about your activities – long before it alerted you by summons or search. Your actions from here will either help protect your rights – or will assist IRS in building a case against you.

You or your client has forgotten to file your tax returns. Or maybe you were convinced that you no longer have to file tax returns. Even Tax Preparers are questioned on their judgment and sometimes face criminal charges. Now the IRS has accused you of fraud or tax evasion. (26 USC §7201, §7202, §7206, etc.)

These problems are very serious and do not go away on their own. Criminal accusations are very serious because if convicted, you could face severe criminal penalties and you could go to prison. Yes, it happens, every month. You should NEVER face these problems without experienced IRS representation.

Don’t delay in protecting yourself and your family

Criminal convictions could cost you all your family’s money, for the rest of your life. IRS can lien and foreclose your home.

And yes, you really can go to prison, even for:

  • Failure to file a tax return
  • Filing a false or fraudulent return
  • Failure to pay state sales tax
  • Failure to pay employee payroll withholding tax
  • Filing fraudulent claims as a tax preparer
  • Tax Protesters & Freedom from Taxation claims
  • Any other IRS challenge


If you are under investigation by the IRS, there are no warning letters. We know of cases where over a dozen Special Agents made early-morning surprise raids, seizing records and computer files. Business owners have been arrested, while spouses, children, neighbors, or employees watched it happen. If you think you may be subject to an IRS criminal investigation, hire a skilled criminal tax attorney immediately before it is too late.


The first thing we do is get control of the situation. Upon taking your case, Attorney Jeffrey Anton Collins will immediately:

  • Stop all contact with the IRS and handle all summons;
  • Work to prevent you from being arrested;
  • Work to prevent a referral of indictment (criminal charge) from the Department of Treasury;
  • Represent you in the U.S. District Court;
  • Fully defend you with full constitutional due process protections;
  • Help you regain peace of mind, by aggressively building your case defense.

Whether you are a non-filer or a CPA charged with preparing fraudulent claims, we can help you. Attorney Jeffrey Collins has extensive experience successfully defending people under investigation for criminal tax matters on both the state and federal levels, arriving at a settlement or other more desirable outcome. We can help you, but you must take the first action.