There is a process in handling, reducing, and even eliminating large-dollar, back taxes with the IRS. A knowledgeable attorney is your best guide for undertaking IRS collections.

Our professionals take on the most serious tax cases, whether in audit, collection, Tax Court, criminal investigation, and even bankruptcy tax cases. We handle those difficult, sensitive cases that require specialized attention and knowledge of your business.

Our services are affordable, and we offer payment options to help you get the right help. We understand life’s unexpected situations, and we can relate to yours.

We will always treat you with respect

The tax liability of over $100,000 is eventually assigned to a Revenue Officer for “resolution”. This person’s primary responsibility to resolve the large-dollar tax debt is by aggressive collection. These very substantial balances due are treated at a higher level of priority within the Internal Revenue Service.

Revenue Officers are given a different level of authority with these large accounts.

Any individual, business owner, or tax return preparer simply cannot – will not – get the best result possible without specialized IRS representation. Simply stated, you need more than your everyday “tax resolution” company. This situation requires the time and competent handling of a specialized IRS tax attorney.

Our IRS tax attorney has the knowledge, training and experience to immediately stop these problems. Business Tax Settlement Corp. (formerly the Tax Law Offices of Jeffrey Anton Collins) is dedicated to providing you immediate relief and complete resolution for those financial tax problems that threaten your bank accounts, savings, real estate, your business, home life, and your reputation.

Tax Consultants And Lawyers Get Results

Have you been contacted by the IRS? Were you recently audited, leaving a large increase in tax debt? Have tax liens been filed against you? Have other attorneys contacted you? Have you hired “tax resolution” companies that produced no results?

We stop aggressive IRS Collection. We handle tax audits involving legal questions and “sensitive” issues. We regularly file petitions with the U.S. Tax Court and will stand up to IRS when you need a better result in an audit. We have tremendous success with complicated Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) cases, especially for business owners. We defend business owners under IRS audit.

We handle U.S. tax appeals, even after audits have completed. We represent taxpayers under investigation to avoid possible criminal punishment. We handle serious accusations of criminal violations of the U.S. Tax Code. We represent for indictments of tax evasion and tax fraud, under 26 USC §7201, §7202, §7203, and §7206.

We represent for indictments of conspiracy under 18 USC §371. We understand that there are facts the government has not yet considered, and require your “day in court”. We provide IRS representation for tax return preparers accused of attempts to defraud the government.

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Business Tax Settlement Corp. of Naperville, IL is a preferred firm assisting CPAs, return preparers, and tax professionals in Naperville, Wheaton, Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, and nationwide.