If you’ve just received a tax audit notification from the IRS, you’re not alone. You may have filed your taxes already and on time, but the IRS has found some discrepancies. Whatever the reason for the audit may be, it can be a stressful situation. Not only is understanding tax code cumbersome, but relying on your own knowledge to navigate a tax audit can be devastating. It’s important to understand that the best time to hire an IRS tax attorney is immediately following your tax audit notification. Tax Law Offices in Naperville explains in the following post why a tax attorney is important to have in your corner during a tax audit.

What is An IRS Tax Dispute?

If the IRS notifies you that you’re being audited, you should hire an IRS tax attorney as soon as possible. You may know your tax code, but a tax attorney is going to help you successfully navigate the audit process and save you money. A tax dispute is simply the IRS filing an audit against your filing.

If you do need to file a tax appeal, it’s best to have a tax attorney in your corner. A tax attorney communicates with the IRS on your behalf, so your situation is taken care of promptly and correctly. They will also negotiate a settlement with the IRS, if it’s necessary.

When You Should Hire A Tax Attorney

It can be scary to get audited by the IRS. We understand how daunting and sometimes frustrating the whole process can be. Rest assured that Tax Law Offices in Naperville is here to help you.

The IRS is legally required to notify the taxpayer of any penalties applied or processes it intends to take based on gathered evidence or lack of communication from the taxpayer to the IRS. With this in mind, the moment you receive the audit notification, you should contact an IRS tax attorney immediately. How you handle the audit could cost you more time and money than you originally planned for.

Why You Should Hire A Tax Attorney

There are two major reasons you should hire a tax attorney immediately following a notice for a tax audit. Not only will you need guidance and counsel to work through the process, but one wrong decision during the audit process could cost you a lot of time and money.

Testify Exemption: When you hire an IRS tax attorney, you’re safeguarded from your professional help testifying against you in court. For example, if you rely on a CPA or other professional to help you through the audit process, they could be forced to testify against you in court. A tax attorney holds attorney-client privilege which protects you.

Experienced Council: A veteran tax attorney is going to be able to see the short term and long term effects of decisions you make during your audit better than you can. The tax attorney will also be aware of the strict deadline you will be placed on to make it through the audit process. If you come across a situation where you need to negotiate terms for a settlement, you will want a tax attorney to assist you. The tax code is no small feat to understand, and an audit adds to the complexity of the tax process. Inaccurate advice can be extremely costly when you’re working with the IRS.

Call Your Local IRS Tax Attorneys in Naperville!

Tax Law Offices understands that sinking feeling when you receive an IRS notification that you’re being audited. You’ve worked hard all year, filed your taxes, and now the IRS is going to check your work. If you’re about to deal with a tax audit alone, you need to reconsider your decision. An IRS tax attorney can save you time and money when it comes to tax disputes. Give our offices a call today to discuss your situation and get started on a tax strategy.