It can be devastating to receive a notice from the IRS that you owe more in taxes. You may already be feeling the pressure with taxes, and you cannot imagine having to pay more into the IRS. Tax Law Offices in Naperville are here to help. We serve our clients with tax attorney services to reduce their tax liability as much as possible. In our last post, we discussed how you should search for a tax attorney and the first four ways a tax lawyer can help you. In the following post, we will share the remaining five ways a Tax Law Offices tax attorney can help!

10 Ways An IRS Tax Attorney in Naperville Can Help You!

In our last post, we shared four ways your IRS tax attorney can help you, which are listed below.

  • Time
  • Tax Year
  • Business Income
  • State Taxes

Below are the five remaining ways an IRS tax attorney can help you!

Employee Taxes

Whether you are a sole proprietor or you have employees, you still are responsible for certain tax liabilities. Although taxes are different for a self-employed individual compared to a business owner with employees, it’s still imperative to know what you owe before you get penalized or acquire fees for mistakes on taxes. Give Tax Law Offices in Naperville a call today to sort out your tax situation!

Business Forms

Did you know different business tax filing forms have different tax liabilities? Are you a sole proprietor, limited liability company or an S-corporation? Do you know the difference and what you will owe in taxes? It’s best to give Tax Law Offices in Naperville so you no longer have to worry about your taxes.

Business Deductions

Does your business own assets? Did you purchase materials or goods for a customer’s project? How long have you been in business? These questions and more can affect how much or how little you pay in taxes.

Amendments to Tax Law

You should expect tax law to change on an annual basis. But do you have time to keep up with all the changes? Will the changes affect you or your business? Its’ tough to know without being immersed in tax law. An IRS tax attorney is formally trained and works with tax law on a daily basis. A tax attorney can help you wade through the dense, complex tax law to reduce your tax liability as much as possible.

What is Ignorance?

The IRS does not accept “I didn’t know” or “I had no idea” as an acceptable response to owing more taxes. Ignorance is no excuse for not paying in the proper amount of taxes. So what does a business owner who doesn’t know tax law do? They find an IRS tax attorney to help them.

Find An IRS Tax Attorney in Naperville!

You don’t have to fight the IRS alone. If you owe more than you expected, or you think you’re being taken advantage of, give Tax Law Offices in Naperville a call today. Our professional, formally trained tax attorneys will take your case and examine it thoroughly based on past experience and current tax law to ensure what you owe is correct.

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