No taxation accounting firm wants to defend its own return prep work before the IRS. Legal issues arise. There are endless liability risks no CPA wants. And CPAs know that it’s not fair to ask the tax preparer to represent the client in an IRS audit or collection case.

Smart tax preparers know to find support for IRS audits by using an experienced lawyer for IRS exams. Tax preparers always know when their clients are subject to an IRS audit. During an IRS examination, tax preparers are unfairly limited to what they can say or present, in the protection of their clients.

CPAs Need IRS Tax Audit Support

and Smart Options for Their Clients

Audit representation, especially for business, must move to an independent specialist. Always prefer an attorney, in the case a Petition must be filed with the U.S. Tax Court. Because Attorney Collins knows tax law, CPAs, and tax professionals refer us their IRS business audits and business debt relief matters.

He understands IRS tax procedure, the government’s limitations, and the clients’ best options. Enlisting the services of an experienced tax consultant protects the tax preparer’s relationship with their client.

Attorney Collins supports and empowers the tax professional in tax audits and IRS collection situations.

He handles audits throughout the United States. He handles cases and represents clients before the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Tax Court every month. Your location does not matter. Because this is our specialized practice area, we handle the cases smarter, with better results.

Tax Attorney Jeffrey Anton Collins initially trained and worked as an IRS auditor. Then he was licensed as a CPA and later, as an attorney to begin his nearly 20 years representing taxpayers in IRS audits.

Based in Naperville, IL, he supports dozens of CPAs and tax return preparers in Chicago, Wheaton, Lisle, Downers Grove, and throughout the United States and its territories. He understands the unique value that accountants have with clients. He fully respects and supports the sensitive relationship between the return preparer and the client.

Be smart. Some attorneys protect either the preparer or client from IRS problems. At Business Tax Settlement Corp. (formerly the Tax Law Offices of Jeffrey Anton Collins), we know how to protect both. Contact us today for a free consultation!