You Cannot Afford To Ignore The IRS

If you’ve recently found yourself under the scrutiny of the IRS, you know what stress feels like. Nobody wants to live with the possibility of a criminal sentence hanging over their head, and the process of defending your case in U.S. Tax Court can feel overwhelming. However, doing nothing is not an option, especially when you have access to a highly specialized IRS representation from Jeffrey Anton Collins of Business Tax Settlement Corp. (formerly Tax Law Offices). If you live in or near Wheaton, IL, don’t hesitate to contact Business Tax Settlement Corp. right away!

tax3Tax Law Expertise Is A Must

With wide-ranging experience both working within the IRS and defending clients against it, Mr. Collins understands what the IRS can and cannot do. He knows how to construct an argument to obtain the best outcome for your case, whether it be a settlement, tax relief through bankruptcy, or in some cases, complete dismissal of all charges. Mr. Collins is no average attorney; he specializes in tax law and defending clients against the IRS in U.S. Tax Court. His knowledge can make all the difference in your case.

Investing in a tax attorney who understands your needs is a must, and Mr. Collins understands all stressful tax situations, no matter how dire. Whether you need to file an appeal of a tax court decision, require a liaison to communicate with IRS officials, or just need guidance on your next step, you have nothing to lose by contacting the tax attorneys of Business Tax Settlement Corp. today.

Start Building Your Defense Today

If you live in or near Wheaton and have recently found yourself under IRS scrutiny, time is of the essence. You simply cannot afford to idly sit by, waiting to see what happens. Contact IRS tax attorney Jeffrey Anton Collins today, and start building a defense as soon as possible. The IRS has already started to build a case against you, and you need the services of an expert taxation attorney if you are to avoid the penalties they seek. Don’t wait any longer; contact your criminal tax lawyer from Business Tax Settlement Corp. for a free consultation today!

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