Working With High-Debt Clients Who Need Tax Help

When a client has debt that reaches well into hundreds of thousands of dollars, navigating everything from debt reduction to tax liens is a complex endeavor. At Business Tax Settlement Corp., our tax consulting services provide the partnership you are looking for when dealing with a high-debt situation. Connect with us to explore the benefits we can offer, including legal protection for you and your business, as well as our years of experience in tax law.

Why work with a tax attorney for tax consulting needs?

  • Attorney-client confidentiality privilege.
  • A partnership to balance financial and legal tax help.
  • Help navigating debt mistakes, including debt-related fraud and other legal concerns.
  • Legal advice that supports your accounting guidance.
  • Legal support when facing the IRS.
  • Tax litigation representation.
  • And more…


Tax Consulting With A Trusted Pittsburgh Tax Attorney

Working with a tax attorney can provide ample benefits to any client who needs tax help — but the more debt your business holds, the more beneficial it can be to partner with a legal tax consultant. It’s understandable to turn to a tax attorney for legal defense of a case going before the U.S. Tax Court, but in many instances, it is far more valuable to initiate a tax attorney partnership before reaching that point.

There is no need to wait until litigation is necessary to bring on a tax attorney. It can be highly beneficial to you and your business to instead start a tax consulting relationship early on. Here at Business Tax Settlement Corp., our highly specialized tax consulting services help throughout every stage of the process, whether you are preparing for a court date or looking to achieve tax relief without litigation. High-debt cases, in particular, are complex and typically come with legal questions at every turn. Whether it’s dealing with a tax lien or navigating a business audit, our tax consulting services provide the confidentiality and support to help you throughout the process. Of course, if a client is going to court, we provide representation as well as guidance.


A Mutually-Beneficial Partnership

Working with a tax attorney provides a different level of insight into a complex situation. We provide consideration about the legal ramifications for each client’s unique financial needs, which helps us provide recommendations on the safest course of action to minimize legal ramifications and money owed. Tax consulting goes so far beyond audit representation — especially when millions of dollars are owed. We help you go to bat for your business tax situation, to negotiate audit agreements and other issues with the IRS. Beyond that, we can help with tax fraud cases, appealing IRS decisions, and helping to set up financial matters in the most beneficial way to handle your business’s level of debt.

Let’s start this partnership off with a firm foundation. Start by connecting with the Business Tax Settlement Corp. team to learn more about how we are poised to help you with your high-debt clients.