Have you ever dealt with reasonable IRS collections officers? Does it seem like they are overly uncooperative? Do they make requests for documents that seem unnecessary, and maybe impossible to gather? Did they refuse to give some relief when it would help you the most?

Trust me, this is just a challenge. You can overcome the troubles of dealing with aggressive IRS collections. You just need a few tips to help understand the process.

Remember, IRS Revenue Officers have rules. Their rule book is the Internal Revenue Manual, Part 5 Collections. This manual is not an easy “road map” — it does not spells out in plain language the IRS’s do’s and don’ts. Still, a few key points will help you when the Revenue Officer will not.  Here are 3 tips to know for dealing with difficult IRS collections.

  1. The Due Process Hearing
  2. Offer in Compromise Stops Collection Enforcement
  3. Bankruptcy Protects from IRS Collections