Do I Need an IRS Tax Attorney?

Yes, maybe. Large, serious tax problems are NOT easy to correct. Even worse, it they aren’t handled correctly, they will cost even more than if you hired a good IRS tax lawyer in the first place. Good tax return preparers and smart business owners know – these problems require the right help.

I’m Smart – Can I Just Figure This Out Myself?
These IRS problems are serious. And they do not simply “go away” by themselves. You first have to take action – the correct action. No matter how smart you are, or how long you’ve been in business, dealing with a large IRS problem is probably going to be a big, risky project for you.
Even IRS staff take years and years before they become comfortable with just a fraction of IRS’s rule book. And yes, these rules can be so very technical. Here’s proof – a link to the IRS’s Internal Revenue Manual. This is just the chapter on IRS Collection. Give it a try. (Hint: This is not weekend reading!)

What Can a Tax Lawyer Do That My Tax Preparer Cannot?
Let’s think about this. Tax accountants are trained in all sorts of tax knowledge. But they are almost NEVER trained in IRS Tax Procedure. Clients should not expect their tax return preparers to resolve these specialized situations – this is just not their area of expertise. And the smartest accountants agree!
Dealing with IRS collections, even IRS audit divisions, can require highly specialized attorney. Most advanced situations are just too complex for the everyday “tax resolution company”. (You know, like those companies that you always hear on the radio.)
Accountants and business owners with serious tax problems should always seek out a well-trained, experienced specialist. Try to find an attorney with a great reputation. It truly matters what past clients think. And always, be patient. The problem will take some time to resolve.
Business owners, tax accountants, remember: Get the right help. It matters!

Written by J Anton Collins, JD, LLM (former CPA and former IRS). Attorney Collins is a principal and frequent blogger at Tax Law Offices.