If you’ve run into any kind of IRS tax problems, you’re probably considering which professional to call: a tax attorney or CPA? It’s a pertinent question, since tax law is complex and not easy for the layman to understand completely without years of studying and experience. Furthermore, depending on your tax issue, the process to rectify said issue could be vastly different than any other tax problem. This is why hiring a criminal tax attorney or a CPA with years of experience, knowledge, and resources to resolve your IRS tax discrepancies is essential.

In this post, Tax Law Offices will explain who you should hire for your tax problems, whether it be a tax attorney or a CPA. If you already know you need a tax attorney, give Tax Law Offices in Naperville a call today. Let’s discuss your tax problems and build a plan to resolve any issues you may have. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more!

Tax Attorney Vs. CPA

What Is A Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney is an individual who has gone through law school, passed the bar, and gained their license to practice law. Their focus then turned to tax law, which they studied further to become adept at representing those being charged with civil and criminal charges in relation to their taxes and the IRS.

What Does A Tax Attorney Do?

The primary goal of most criminal tax attorneys is to reduce the client’s tax liability. Whether the client’s tax liability exceeds $100,000 or more, getting this total reduced is where a tax attorney will do most of their work. If the client is facing any kind of harsh charges, penalties, or fines, an attorney will work to negotiate those down alongside the reduced tax liability.

Why Hire A Tax Attorney?

A criminal tax attorney has one advantage over the CPA when it comes to handling IRS charges and discrepancies: attorney-client confidentiality. Any information provided to the tax attorney is protected under confidentiality laws. The same information is not protected when shared with a CPA, and it can be used against you if the CPA is forced to testify.

What Is A CPA?

A certified public accountant’s role is to manage financials, deliver reports, and help businesses keep track of and grow their money. A CPA is a great choice during tax season, when you need to fill out those complex forms for your income and business taxes. Finally, a CPA is responsible for assisting with business decisions based on accounting information.

What Does A CPA Do?

A certified public accountant is a professional who deals primarily with financial planning, general bookkeeping, preparing/filing tax returns, tax planning, audit assistance, budgeting, asset and cost management, estate planning, and more. The great CPAs help with in-depth business growth, providing analysis and cost projections through reports.

Why Hire A CPA?

A CPA can help a business make better-informed decisions on what to do next with their financials or what to avoid. Furthermore, a CPA can help keep a business compliant with IRS regulations to avoid future penalties, fines, or even criminal charges.

What Both Tax Attorney And CPA Can Do

Finally, both professionals can provide a number of the same services to clients. Both professionals can represent individuals or businesses defend themselves against charges brought on by the IRS. Both professionals can assist with tax planning support, helping with final tax decisions in regards to penalties, fines, charges, and more. Finally, both professionals earn an extensive education in their chosen field of practice. Although tax attorneys have more experience with negotiation, defense, and resolution, CPAs carry their weight when it comes to the finer details of finance, planning, and preparation.

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