1. The IRS May Be Calling You

    The IRS May Be Calling You The IRS is making a big change to its collection process. This change, probably wanted by the IRS, is not going to be good news to anyone who may owe taxes. The IRS is now hiring third party debt collectors to call on behalf of the IRS, rather than just sending the certified letter. ALERT: If you are dealing with overwhelming tax liability, and IRS is contacting you, may…Read More

  2. Transferring Ownership in Home Health Care Agency

    Location Schaumburg IL Background A series of LLC-formed, Home Health Care agencies was under Internal Revenue Service collection and Medicaid recuperation. Each agency was owned, in part, by one family. One agency had significant employment tax liability. This IRS back-tax was due to a long-term habit of only issuing net paychecks to employees, but failing to pay over the withholdings. IRS also a…Read More