1. How To Reduce IRS Tax Liabilities Exceeding $100,000

    Have you been contacted by the IRS? Did the IRS recently audit you? If you’re facing a large-dollar amount in backed taxes with the IRS, you’re going to need an experienced tax attorney to assist in undertaking the collections process. Tax liability exceeding $100,000 is assigned in the IRS as a “resolution” case, which is handed off to a Revenue Officer. They use aggressive collection tac…Read More

  2. Don’t Hire An Inexperienced Audit Attorney!

    It’s daunting to receive a letter from the IRS stating that you owe money or that you have not filed your taxes. As you read through the letter, a sinking feeling hits your stomach and you start asking yourself, “how will I pay for this?” You may even collapse to the floor and begin crying. But a glimmer of hope flickers in your mind. You remember filing. You return to your records and retri…Read More

  3. How Can An IRS Tax Attorney in Naperville Help You? Part II

    It can be devastating to receive a notice from the IRS that you owe more in taxes. You may already be feeling the pressure with taxes, and you cannot imagine having to pay more into the IRS. Tax Law Offices in Naperville are here to help. We serve our clients with tax attorney services to reduce their tax liability as much as possible. In our last post, we discussed how you should search for a tax…Read More

  4. How Can An IRS Tax Attorney Help You? – Part I

    If you’ve received notice from the IRS that you owe more than you filed for, you will need an IRS tax attorney. Every employed American must file income taxes. Every business must file quarterly taxes. Every single dollar made is taxed. There are no exceptions. However, when it comes to dealing with the IRS, you do not want to go at it alone. Before you use your phone to search “tax attorney n…Read More

  5. Why Should I Have This Tax Bill?

    Why Should I Have This Tax Bill? We regularly speak with hard-working, wage-earning people in tax trouble. They often call into our IRS tax attorney office because their employer failed to deduct enough income taxes from their paycheck, and therefore they are forced to somehow pay a tax bill that they did not expect to pay. We know that the IRS can be very aggressive, and that makes the process v…Read More