1. Tax Law Offices Reduced Clients’ Taxes and Penalties by 99 Percent

    Tax Law Offices Reduced Clients’ Taxes and Penalties by 99 Percent Last year we accepted a new client with a serious IRS problem. The government sent a bill for almost $300,000. But we disagreed with that amount. Instead, we believed our client should only pay about 1% of that tax bill. We were right! After several months of work on this problem, we convinced the IRS that their bill amount was …Read More

  2. Do I Need an IRS Tax Attorney?

    Do I Need an IRS Tax Attorney? Yes, maybe. Large, serious tax problems are NOT easy to correct. Even worse, it they aren’t handled correctly, they will cost even more than if you hired a good IRS tax lawyer in the first place. Good tax return preparers and smart business owners know – these problems require the right help. I’m Smart – Can I Just Figure This Out Myself? These IRS problems a…Read More

  3. Offer-in-Compromise Stops Collection Enforcement

    The two most practical reasons for filing an Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) with IRS are: To prevent further IRS collections from occurring (i.e. wage garnishments, bank accounts, seizures) To limit the amount of out-of-pocket expense to satisfy the tax debt. See, everyone knows that you can make an offer to IRS to pay a lesser amount. But most do not realize that the OIC is an extremely effective meth…Read More

  4. How to Setup an IRS Payment Plan

    If you owe less than $25,000 to the IRS, you maybe can handle this without outside help. There. I said it. IRS has established a simplified collection process for relatively small tax liabilities. In other words, for back taxes up $25,000, there is a do-it-yourself process to help you create an installment agreement with IRS. By now, surely you’ve heard someone selling the “IRS Fresh Start Ini…Read More