1. Dealing with IRS for Late or Changed Obamacare Form 1095-A

    Dealing with IRS for Late, Amended or Voided Obamacare Forms 1095-A ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act, is aggressively being dismantled by the new Congress. That will not make dealing with IRS and reaching a tax resolution any easier. Millions of Americans enrolled for health insurance coverage via the Health.gov Marketplace. However, not everyone received timely and correct Forms 1095-A (Heal…Read More

  2. 5 Ways Businesses Can Get Tax Relief

    Hear the TV Interview TV TALK SHOW - SPECTACULAR CHICAGO INTERVIEW with TAX ATTORNEY JEFFREY ANTON COLLINS Interview with Jim Baltzer, host of Spectacular Chicago, and from the Naperville, Illinois area, Jeffrey Anton Collins, a tax lawyer, accountant, and former IRS agent. They discuss what to do involving serious IRS problems.   IRS Collection Notices All right. So what happens when the IRS is…Read More

  3. What’s Wrong with IRS Offer-in-Compromise

    What’s Wrong with IRS Offer-in-Compromise For most tax practitioners, OIC tax reductions have only been available for individuals, and not for businesses. About 2/3 of their Offers are rejected by IRS. Of those offers accepted, even more crumble because of failed payments. Let’s start over. Large-dollar reductions of tax liability with the IRS Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) program can actually hap…Read More

  4. Saved Client $2.25 Million with IRS Offer in Compromise

    IRS's Offer in Compromise is Worth the Trouble One of my business tax clients enjoyed a major success with an IRS Offer. But the process was not simple. There were complications. In this case, along with a large federal liability, there was a large amount of state tax due as well. The offer process had to balance the state tax collections with the IRS tax collections. You can imagine that both …Read More