1. Intimidation, Secret Income and Nasty Divorces

    This is an unbelievable, yet true story. We counseled a man that was desperate for help in his divorce. He was afraid that his wife had the unfair advantage in the proceeding, and that she had become hostile and unyielding during the case. So he wanted to level the playing field. This is what the man asked: “Write me a letter, to give to my wife. Tell her that unless she cooperates with me in th…Read More

  2. I’m Going to Tell the IRS About His Money!

    A potential new client called. “I have this divorce case. I need a tax lawyer to send IRS a letter. I think my husband has been hiding income and investments. I don’t want to get burned when they find out about it all! He’s been hiding income for years, and now he’s hiding it from me.” She expected to hurt him by causing increased tax liability, and possibly a criminal tax investigation.…Read More