1. Top Reasons the IRS Will Audit You

    To be honest, IRS audits are not automatically a bad thing. At its core, an audit is just the IRS’s way of double checking your numbers to ensure nothing in your return doesn’t quite add up. Yet many people tend to panic if they are chosen for an audit because they haven’t exactly been paying their taxes according to the law. Keep in mind that the IRS just conducts audits to make sure there …Read More

  2. Closing a Business with Tax Liability

    Closing a Business with Tax Liability If your business has tax problems, can you simply close the company? Yes, of course you can shut down the business. However, the tax problems do not necessarily end with the closing. Here is one item that you and your IRS tax attorney should discuss when considering terminating a business with tax debt. Can I Just Start Fresh with a New Company? This is an exa…Read More

  3. Is Chicago the Home of Health Care Fraud?

    Is Chicago the Home of Health Care Fraud? Chicago is the home of many things: deep dish pizza, hot dogs, great sports, greater people. And it's nicknamed the “windy city!” But more recently, Chicago is becoming the new home of health care fraud. Home health care is a massively growing industry in the U.S. as a direct result of our aging population and lack of health care providers. Mistakes ca…Read More