You’re already struggling through life. The last thing you need is the IRS on your back about back taxes. It’s uncomfortable getting a letter in the mail from a faceless entity telling you that they will collect on the money you owe if you don’t pay them. It seems too awful to be true. At Tax Law Offices in Naperville, we understand your frustration. The IRS can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that you pay your dues. If you think the IRS is attempting to take more than owed, or you’ve been charged as a tax criminal, it’s time to call our firm.

Three IRS Collection Strategies

You don’t want to take on the IRS alone. It’s a decision you will later regret. Tax law is complicated, and the IRS process is unwavering in its execution. If you don’t follow their book on how to submit, file, pay, etc, you will owe them fees and pay on penalties. Here are three strategies the IRS use to collect on back taxes:

Strategy #1 – They suspend your professional license

You read that correctly. If you have a professional license in any capacity, the IRS can use their weight to suspend it. This means that if you owe enough, you can lose your ability to work in a given profession, field, or industry directly related to your license.

Strategy #2 – They can take your home

The IRS will use tactics like levies, seizures, and public sale of your home and other belongings if you’re not compliant for long enough. This means that if you owe enough and remain non-compliant, your life can be ruined by the IRS.

Strategy #3 – They can levy your bank account

The IRS in some cases can levy your bank account. This means they freeze your account so you cannot withdraw the funds. With this in mind, it’s better to pay your taxes, or, if you’ve been charged with tax crimes, hire an IRS tax lawyer in Naperville.

Why Hire A Local Firm in Naperville?

The IRS works through its field agents and local offices. This means that if you decide to work with a local tax attorney in Naperville, they will have dealt with the IRS representatives in the area. Although this gives you no advantage in your case, it simply gives you the peace of mind that an experienced tax attorney knows how to get things done with the IRS.

Remember, make sure that the firm you choose to represent your case has experience, certifications, licensing, and more. You want only the very best to help you reduce liability and come to an agreeable outcome with the IRS. Don’t fight the IRS alone!

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You’re not alone if you’re facing the IRS and its collection strategies. They will everything in their power to collect what you owe them. In some cases, you may not owe them as much as they claim, which means you need professional tax law representation. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.