When Tax Troubles Strike

When the IRS comes knocking at your door, it’s time to get help from Jeffrey Anton Collins of Business Tax Settlement Corp. (formerly Tax Law Offices). Of all the taxation attorneys in Aurora and the rest of the Chicago area, his unique experience in the highly specialized field of tax law makes him a top choice to defend you against a tax audit, criminal investigation, or any other measures the IRS may be taking against you. Mr. Collins is an authority on U.S. Tax Code because he has worked on both sides of the IRS, as well as a certified public accountant. More recently, his private practice has defended a long list of clients against the IRS, saving them from millions of dollars in fines and time behind bars.

tax1bBusiness Tax Settlement Corp. Provides the following services to clients in Aurora:

  • IRS representation & defense against tax audits
  • Reducing tax liabilities exceeding $100,000
  • Eliminating tax liability through bankruptcy
  • Defense against IRS criminal investigations

Regardless of your situation, we can give you a free consultation and tell you what steps we will take to ensure that you make it through this situation. Tax audits are stressful and scary, but with experienced, professional tax attorneys on your side, you can feel more at ease and prepared when it comes time to face the IRS.

Don’t Take Tax Audits Lightly!

Every minute you spend waiting to secure IRS representation is another minute you give the Internal Revenue Service to build their case against you. When it comes to dealing with the IRS, not just any taxation attorney will do. Mr. Collins knows what the IRS can and can’t get away with, and how to stop them from using unfair practices when handling your case. To ensure your best chance of a positive outcome, contact Business Tax Settlement Corp. right away for a free consultation. We’ll review your case and help you find the best path forward.

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