Is TAX LAW OFFICES the Right Firm for You?


Tax Law Offices has handled some of the most threatening tax audit, collection and investigation cases. We see more emergency tax cases because Tax Law Offices is more specialized: Our typical case involves liability greater than $50,000 in tax and penalties.  We focus on state and IRS tax problems that involve businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs. 




We represent entrepreneurs, businesses and the self-employed because IRS tax problems are more extreme. These extreme and emergency tax situations usually create other legal problems.


Business owners are especially affected. For example, a problem with unfiled tax returns can quickly become a payday problem for all of its employees. 




We stop tax collection enforcement: Tax collection enforcement by IRS Revenue Officers could disrupt a business’ customers. State or federal tax liens become public information, and damage any business’ reputation, credit. A federal tax lien, or an IRS bank levy will quickly limit a business owner’s access to its own cash reserves. This could also prevent a business from meeting its bi-weekly payroll requirement. And with payroll back-tax problems, there is also the expected “Trust Fund Recovery Penalty” problem.


We represent and protect businesses during tax audits: Tax audits are often very sensitive, because many business owners have operation details that must remain private. The IRS business audit procedure is detailed, and requires knowledgeable representation. Cash-sensitive businesses are particularly vulnerable, and IRS has dedicated an entire section of its Internal Revenue Manual to handling audits for cash businesses. (Take a look at IRS’s steps for cash businesses.) Then, Information gathered by IRS auditors is often shared with IRS’s (criminal) investigators. Results are also shared with state governments. As tax audit lawyers, we know these IRS procedures, in order to protect your business.


We represent and defend entrepreneurs during criminal investigations: Business owners sometimes make mistakes.  But some mistakes can jeopardize your freedom. When IRS or some state authority (such as Illinois Department of Revenue) begins an inquiry, the government already believes that there has been a crime committed. It is important, therefore, to control communications and outgoing evidence, in order to protect that person from going to prison. As criminal tax defense lawyers, we know that if a business owner has made mistakes, he or she cannot survive without strong representation. And we have provided this representation against IRS all over the country.




Sometimes tax problems are legally sensitive. You need careful, discreet representation. A good candidate for us might be one of these situations:


  • Shop Owner Fighting IRS Levies – A metal fabrication shop owner owes over $250,000 in tax. He now has a strong income, but just needs time to work through his old payroll tax debt. The business records are not perfect, and IRS has already had past levies on the business. IRS found the owner (and his wife) to be liable for civil penalties, even though she had nothing to do with the business. With problem, there is no peace at home, and no enjoyment of work anymore. It needs a tax attorney to defend the company, settle the tax, and clear this wife of this tax problem.
  • State Tax Caused Revocation of Professional License – A real estate professional has a great income, but who has messy financial records from past years. Several tax liens have caused him to lose his state-issued broker’s license. Without a license, everything else is lost. The lawyer must handle every part of this representation, which has both federal and state needs.
  • Successful Professional Worried About Going to Prison for Taxes –   A top-producing insurance professional, with some long-standing tax problems. Every day this problem feels heavier, and no one in the past has been able to correct the situation. Having many years of unfiled tax returns is now being investigated for a criminal failure to file tax returns. If anyone finds out about this potential criminal tax problem. The problem must go away, and cannot be handled piece-meal. It requires aggressive legal representation, all the way to the end.
  • Business Owner’s Tax Problems Have Now Involved the Spouse – A high-level sales employee, that had 2 or 3 years of extremely high income tax. He filed returns with his spouse every year, and now she is responsible for that tax also. The IRS has placed liens on the residence and other property. Past or possible divorce makes this tax problem even bigger, because the lien prevents selling the real estate to just pay the tax. The innocent spouse will not participate, but needs this problem to go away. 
  • Accountant Under Fire for Tax Season Mistakes – A CPA or tax return preparer has been contacted by IRS Criminal Investigation Division. The accountant was not 100% certain of why the company is being interviewed, but can remember that some mistakes were made in past years. The Special Agent asked questions, but did not state who was the target of this investigation. However, several employees, and several past customers have already been interviewed. The CPA is worried, because you cannot keep that license, that business, or that income if convicted of a tax-related felony.
  • Business Paid Employees in Cash – A successful landscaping company performs hundreds of jobs every month. But starting out, the business could not afford to formally hire workers full time. And now, the employees have preferred to be paid in cash ever since. At some point, the government discovered that tax returns were not filed, or just did not “add up”. The business owner did not understand that paying its employees this way was a problem. But now there are other legal problems affecting the owner, the business and the employees. Only specialized representation will understand how to calm and control this problem.

These are just a few cases that TAX LAW OFFICES has recently handled. Because life is messy, we specialize in these impossible cases. 

But there are so many more. For a few more examples, we also might also represent:

  • Services businesses that handle large amounts of cash income, or cash payments;
  • Businesses in the cannabis industry,
  • Businesses with independent contractors,
  • Businesses inherited from parents (with confusing tax problems). 

TAX LAW OFFICES may be the right firm for your problem. If so, just reach out for a discreet and confidential first contact. We will make it easy.  And we do not pass judgment for past mistakes.