IRS tax liens are the worst. They ruin your credit, and make it harder to buy the things you need. They tie up your assets, retirement funds, even vehicles. And the lien attaches to your home and other real estate. With a lien on your home’s title, it is difficult to sell, to refinance, even to make major improvements.

The government uses the tax lien as part of its collection process. Anyone with a federal tax lien is also subject to other collection enforcement by IRS. The wage levy works like a garnishment, leaving you with only enough funds to barely meet the poverty level.  Then the bank levy seems to come around payday, sometimes taking whatever was left in your paycheck!

As one Business Tax Settlement Corp. client explained,

“I never ever thought this would happen! My husband never talked to me about his business taxes. I thought everything was okay. But now the IRS has tied up our bank accounts, and nobody can get paid!”

This happened right before their payroll was due, and they could not pay their employees. We handled that client’s situation, reduced the tax, and got the lien removed. Plus, we stopped IRS from sending another levy on their bank account. We even arranged a payment agreement for the remainder of the tax. That’s what they needed. They stayed in business, and the tax is now paid. That’s the way it works.

Your best action is to take action. We can help eliminate tax debt, or reduce the tax to a more reasonable amount. We negotiate and set up payments that work for your budget.  And we help get your lien discharged, or even completely withdrawn. All these actions help you to move on, rebuild you credit, protect your money, and your business. And help you get your life back!

We have over 25 years of experience handling IRS tax liens. Let our experience go to work for you.

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