Living with the shadow of an IRS criminal investigation looming over you can feel overwhelming and intimidating. If you are found guilty of violating tax law, the consequences can be severe. Tax liability does not go away on its own, but people are often confused about what to do or who they can turn to. An attorney who specializes in tax law can make the difference between imprisonment and penalties, or freedom and financial stability.

You only get one chance to defend yourself against a tax audit, indictment, or criminal trial.

It is absolutely imperative that you secure adequate legal representation for your case.

Tax Relief Expert

If you are exposed to potential IRS tax liability over $100,000, you simply will not get the best result on your own. You need more than the readily-available “tax-resolution expert”. You need someone that handles large-dollar cases. You need someone that handles complex problems.

Your attorney must also understand business law, accounting, real estate law, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and even divorce law.

To maximize the chance of a positive outcome, you must find an attorney who has extensive training and experience in the highly specialized field of tax law. They must have formal training in criminal tax statutes, U.S. sentencing guidelines, federal rules of evidence, and rules of the local U.S. district courts.

IRS Procedurals

Beyond that, your attorney must understand IRS’s procedures manuals. These procedures define how IRS’s exam, collection, and criminal agents can follow your case. Your representative’s knowledge of IRS tax procedure is critical to your best resolution. The professional legal experts at Business Tax Settlement Corp. (formerly the Tax Law Office of Jeffrey Anton Collins) have over 20 years’ experience defending complex cases against the IRS.

They understand that successfully defending their clients is a matter of understanding not only the tax codes as written, but also the developing legal precedents that arise from the outcomes of ongoing trials. With the Business Tax Settlement Corp. in your corner, you know you’re getting the best result or defense available.

Tax Attorney Accessibility

Another critical factor in selecting an attorney is accessibility. Your attorney should return your calls. You must be able to maintain an open channel of communication, to stay informed with the developments of your case. While you may have to work with the IRS auditors, revenue agents, the criminal tax system, or their prosecutors, they are not going to help you.

You must have regular access to the one person that can help you to understand your case from the standpoint of a successful defense; that person is your attorney. The Business Tax Settlement Corp. always makes communication with their clients a top priority, because they recognize the importance of the task they are being entrusted to perform.

Count on us to honor the responsibility of protecting your rights by keeping you informed on all matters pertaining to your case.

Contact Your Tax Attorney in Naperville

If you have a pending IRS criminal investigation, indictment, or trial, you must act right away. Your full cooperation and honesty are necessary to successfully defend your case.

In addition to your tax lawyer, you will need the help of your family members, employees, and accountants to provide the evidence and testimony needed to build a strong case. If you have become subject to a criminal tax investigation, the consequences of having anything less than the strongest case possible can be devastating.

Naperville, Downers Grove, and Bolingbrook residents or those living anywhere else are encouraged to contact the Business Tax Settlement Corp. right away to address your IRS problems immediately and find tax relief.