Tax Consulting: Better Tax Resolution Options

When a business’s tax debt reaches hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, the IRS quickly becomes a looming specter of doom — especially when a tax lien threatens a business’s assets. Do not wait for a court date to seek professional tax help. In scenarios like this, finding the best tax resolution often goes beyond the skills of an accountant. Working with a tax attorney brings the financial knowledge to help remove a tax lien and more, backed by a deep knowledge of tax law — which means a greater understanding of the different solutions that may be possible.

Tax consulting services are not restricted to those in active litigation with the IRS or facing the loss of a business due to a tax lien, either. In fact, the sooner a client initiates a partnership, it is often the case that more options are available for tax reduction and tax lien removal. At the very least, that provides the time for us to gain a better understanding of a client’s situation and prepare for payment plan negotiations with the IRS. At Business Tax Settlement Corp., we can help at any stage of the tax resolution process, whether a tax lien is in place or not.


Understanding Your Tax Resolution Options

No two debt situations are exactly alike, especially when tax debt reaches into the millions and a tax lien may cause the loss of assets. Likewise, no two tax resolution options will be exactly the same. Not only does working with an experienced tax consulting service means legal representation with the IRS, but it also means a wealth of knowledge that backs our guidance to help each client find the right solution — we work to minimize both legal ramifications and money owed. That means understanding when it is in a client’s best interest to accept an IRS-offered payment plan, dealing with tax liens, and navigating IRS collections actions for the best result possible.

It can do your business a major disservice to proceed without professional guidance when facing a high-debt situation, whether a tax lien is in place or not. Get help navigating the tax resolution process with an experienced tax attorney. Connect with Business Tax Settlement Corp. to learn more about our tax consulting services and see how we can help. Contact us today to get started.