1. Tax Help Due to Hurricane Irma

    Tax Help Due to Hurricane Irma Extensions and Removal of Penalties - Help for Hurricane Victims This article is a little different than those we usually publish. But millions throughout the country were affected by this year’s Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. This time, the Internal Revenue Service took notice. The IRS announced that it would provide an extension to victims of Hurricanes Irma and Har…Read More

  2. How to Setup an IRS Payment Plan

    If you owe less than $25,000 to the IRS, you maybe can handle this without outside help. There. I said it. IRS has established a simplified collection process for relatively small tax liabilities. In other words, for back taxes up $25,000, there is a do-it-yourself process to help you create an installment agreement with IRS. By now, surely you’ve heard someone selling the “IRS Fresh Start Ini…Read More