1. How to Eliminate Taxes in Bankruptcy (Six Basics)

    Sometimes taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. The rules are technical. There are six basic rules that govern whether the tax can be dischargeable. We will simplify each basic rule, so that you may better help your clients. CPA’s Must Understand Bankruptcy Options For people with serious debt problems, bankruptcy helps, not hurts. So very often, bankruptcy improves a person’s credit rating, …Read More

  2. How to Spot IRS Phone Scams

    How to Spot IRS Phone Scams If someone calls demanding money for IRS tax, is this a legitimate call? Probably not, because IRS just doesn’t make collection phone calls. One of the more popular scams now is the caller who threatens to arrest you today. Usually a male voice, he will claim to be an “IRS Revenue Officer”. The caller will provide a name (no, it’s not his real name), and maybe e…Read More

  3. I lost my house in divorce. Will I have capital gains later?

    I lost my house in divorce. Will I have capital gains later? Avoid tricky tax problems in divorce property settlement! Here’s the common situation: Let’s suppose that you are the primary spouse on marital home’s mortgage. You plan to give your spouse all rights to your home, in the divorce. Your spouse will keep the home, but cannot refinance or remove your name off the mortgage. You might e…Read More

  4. Young Millennials in Tax Trouble

    Imagine a horrible nightmare, being young, finally employed, and receiving a letter from the IRS about taxes due. What do you do? You have limited experience with taxes, plus limited income, and therefore, seemingly limited options. We recently encountered a similar situation. One morning, a young woman contacted our office. She inquired about services after having received a letter from the IRS. …Read More

  5. How to Hire a Federal Criminal Tax Lawyer

    How to Hire a Federal Criminal Tax Lawyer Tax defense lawyers are devoted to the defense of complex federal civil tax matters, federal criminal tax matters, tax fraud and tax evasion. Your chosen Criminal Tax Lawyer might represent clients in tax matters throughout the United States. Federal Tax Crimes representation is extremely specialized. You may have a substantial risk of imprisonment. You mu…Read More

  6. Expectations for Working Moms Under Trump Tax Plan Explained

    President-Elect Donald Trump’s proposed tax plan is surprisingly very detailed.  Without advocating, defending, or bashing the plan, I want to summarize what to expect. Trump Tax Plan Easily Boosts Net-of-Tax Incomes for the Wealthy First, Trump spoke to the “working class.” He promised to "massively cut taxes for the middle class, the forgotten people, the forgotten men and women of this c…Read More

  7. Worst IRS Nightmare … Ever!

    Before you read another paragraph here, I must first explain: This is an embarrassingly true story of how dealing with the IRS Criminal Investigations can affect—no, TRANSFORM—a person. There is always a cost, but you have to protect what matters most. What’s The Worst That Can Happen? Some time ago, I gave a legal consultation to a very troubled man with IRS problems. He was visited by the …Read More

  8. 5 Ways Businesses Can Get Tax Relief

    Hear the TV Interview TV TALK SHOW - SPECTACULAR CHICAGO INTERVIEW with TAX ATTORNEY JEFFREY ANTON COLLINS Interview with Jim Baltzer, host of Spectacular Chicago, and from the Naperville, Illinois area, Jeffrey Anton Collins, a tax lawyer, accountant, and former IRS agent. They discuss what to do involving serious IRS problems.   IRS Collection Notices All right. So what happens when the IRS is…Read More