1. Guaranteed IRS Payment Plan for Freelance Gig Workers

    Guaranteed IRS Payment Plan for Freelance Gig Workers Gig workers’ earnings are reported on Form 1099. Because there are typically no taxes withheld, it is common among these workers to have tax debt or related problems. Sometimes their IRS tax liability can be substantial, sometime incredible! Gig workers are those individuals that consider themselves self-employed or independent contractors. T…Read More

  2. Tax Law Offices: What to Expect During COVID-19

    Tax Law Offices: What to Expect During COVID-19 A lot has changed over the recent weeks. At Tax Law Offices, we are still here for you, just as before. Here's the IRS business you should know right now: 1) IRS has not frozen direct debit payments during COVID-19. IRS will continue to debit payments from your bank for Direct Debit Installment Agreements (DDIAs) during the COVID-19 suspension period…Read More

  3. Is Federal Lien a Threat of Levy?

    Is Federal Lien a Threat of Levy? If you receive an IRS tax lien, do you have to worry about an IRS tax levy? Here’s a quick summary of what you should do. Why Do I Even Have a Federal Tax Lien? When the IRS has been alerted that the liability will not be fully paid within 120 days, IRS routinely files their lien against liabilities. This is in order to protect the government's ability to collec…Read More

  4. How Do Regular Gamblers Handle IRS?

    How Do Regular Gamblers Handle IRS? Regular gamblers, gamers, off-track betters and wagers all take losses. No matter whether they file a tax return, get audited, have a tax lien, or try setting up an installment agreement, they usually get a raw deal from IRS about their gambling losses. All gambling losses should be deducted to reduce tax! Let’s start there. Here is the general rule: Gambling …Read More

  5. How to Spot IRS Phone Scams

    How to Spot IRS Phone Scams If someone calls demanding money for IRS tax, is this a legitimate call? Probably not, because IRS just doesn’t make collection phone calls. One of the more popular scams now is the caller who threatens to arrest you today. Usually a male voice, he will claim to be an “IRS Revenue Officer”. The caller will provide a name (no, it’s not his real name), and maybe e…Read More

  6. Can an IRS Levy Be Released for a Hardship?

    Can an IRS Levy Be Released for a Hardship? The federal tax levy is issued by IRS to enforce tax collection. But certain circumstances (outlined under IRM section 5.11) authorize for the Release of Levy. One of those circumstances is Economic Hardship. Under IRS Tax Code §6343, a federal tax levy must be released when IRS determines the levy creates an economic hardship. So What Are the General R…Read More

  7. They Sent Form 1099, Not the W-2

    All employees, which easily includes unskilled laborers and most (near) minimum wage hourly workers, expect their W-2 Form in January. On the W-2, the employer reports last year’s wages and taxes withheld, employee benefits, etc. Those numbers are reported to the employee, the Social Security Administration, and to the Internal Revenue Service. This is the only standard method by which IRS and S…Read More

  8. I Don’t Have My W-2 Form

    Most every worker in the United States knows to expect his/her Form W-2 no later than January 31st. Even though many tax preparers will process your return by using your final pay statement for the previous year, you are still entitled to receive this form. There are steps you can take. Read on to learn more. Why Didn’t I Receive My W-2? As a tax defense attorney, I have seen dozens of reasons w…Read More

  9. Floyd Mayweather, Another Celebrity With Tax Issues. Here is what you should know…

    Floyd Mayweather, Another Celebrity With Tax Issues…Here is what you should know… Recently, the news broke that Floyd Mayweather may be in some tax trouble. According to reports, he owes millions in back taxes totaling $22 million. This is a lot of money but should be easily handled by someone with his means, right? Floyd Mayweather has earned hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his car…Read More

  10. Obamacare Repeal: These Taxes Could Go Away

    Obamacare Repeal: Quick Reference on Suggested Tax Decreases As a firm that handles IRS representation, rarely are we asked to comment on national tax policy. Our clients, whether in Naperville or Aurora, Illinois, or further away like the Carolinas, Nevada, or even Puerto Rico, all have weighed in their opinions on the tax changes by the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare." As Congress repeals …Read More