1. How to Spot IRS Phone Scams

    How to Spot IRS Phone Scams If someone calls demanding money for IRS tax, is this a legitimate call? Probably not, because IRS just doesn’t make collection phone calls. One of the more popular scams now is the caller who threatens to arrest you today. Usually a male voice, he will claim to be an “IRS Revenue Officer”. The caller will provide a name (no, it’s not his real name), and maybe e…Read More

  2. How Was Rep. Mel Reynolds Convicted for Tax?

    Melvin Reynolds Many of you may remember Melvin Reynolds who represented the Chicago area in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 to 1995. We often see tax news about congressmen. He resigned from his position due to his conviction on criminal sexual abuse involving a 16-year-old campaign staffer. Mr. Reynold’s has also, since then, spent several years in jail for federal bank and campaig…Read More

  3. Controversies Surrounding The IRS

    The Internal Revenue Service has a tarnished reputation in America, and not all of it is undeserved. While it is absolutely in the public’s best interest to collect taxes to fund infrastructure and programs that benefit everyone, the IRS has been known to abuse its power and carry out its duties in a less-than-competent manner. This has led to innocent taxpayers being subjected to unfair collect…Read More