1. Chicago: You Cannot Tax Business in the Suburbs

    Supreme Court Shuts Down Chicago’s Bullish Tax on Car Rentals Up to now, Chicago mandated that car rental companies in nearby suburbs like Oak Lawn, Cicero, and Burbank collect a tax for the city of Chicago. The Illinois Supreme Court ruled this tax unconstitutional. That’s right, unconstitutional! The city collects tax on cars rented within its city limits. Recently, though (in 2011), Chicago…Read More

  2. False Identity and Refund Check Cashing

    We handled similar cases in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Joliet, IL. This is an example of a case of tax fraud, as well as criminal conspiracy under Title 26 and 18 of the United States Code. A resident woman of Columbus, Georgia, was sentenced to 37 months in prison for her role in a stolen identity refund fraud plot. Between June of 2012 and December of 2013, Tonya Alexander worked at SunTrust Ban…Read More

  3. Accused of Being a Dishonest Tax Preparer!

    CPA’s and Tax Professionals: IRS will investigate tax return preparers that it believes have intentionally, willfully cheated the tax system with fraudulent deductions, credits, and magically large refunds for their clients. So why is this a problem for you? Many of your would-be clients seek out dishonest preparers, because the dishonest tax return yields a much bigger refund than otherwise. Yo…Read More

  4. Tax Evasion – Advising Tax Clients

    Business tax clients often have secrets. When they become afraid, those same clients will share their secrets. Most serious tax preparers at some point receive a client’s questions about tax evasion. Tax return preparers are rarely charged with this crime related to their clients. However, tax professionals have a unique ability to advise their clients’ next steps. The federal crime of tax eva…Read More