1. Floyd Mayweather, Another Celebrity With Tax Issues. Here is what you should know…

    Floyd Mayweather, Another Celebrity With Tax Issues…Here is what you should know… Recently, the news broke that Floyd Mayweather may be in some tax trouble. According to reports, he owes millions in back taxes totaling $22 million. This is a lot of money but should be easily handled by someone with his means, right? Floyd Mayweather has earned hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his car…Read More

  2. Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” Has Gotten Himself into A Situation

    Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” Has Gotten Himself into A Situation For those of you who remember, MTV had a show dedicated to the Jersey Shore life. It was basically a show about young Italians who go to the Jersey Shore to party every summer. There was, of course, a lot of drinking, fist pumping, and hooking up. One of the main characters of this show was Michael “The Situation” Sorrent…Read More

  3. Chicago: You Cannot Tax Business in the Suburbs

    Supreme Court Shuts Down Chicago’s Bullish Tax on Car Rentals Up to now, Chicago mandated that car rental companies in nearby suburbs like Oak Lawn, Cicero, and Burbank collect a tax for the city of Chicago. The Illinois Supreme Court ruled this tax unconstitutional. That’s right, unconstitutional! The city collects tax on cars rented within its city limits. Recently, though (in 2011), Chicago…Read More

  4. Common Tax Refund Scam

    Every year the Internal Revenue Service releases its “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams. For 2016, one of the leading scams is Falsifying Income to claim large refunds on a tax return. Back when I was working at the Internal Revenue Service, I warned my managers of the way this scam would develop. Especially with the Earned Income Credit, this scheme allows tax return preparers to assist their cl…Read More

  5. Worst IRS Nightmare … Ever!

    Before you read another paragraph here, I must first explain: This is an embarrassingly true story of how dealing with the IRS Criminal Investigations can affect—no, TRANSFORM—a person. There is always a cost, but you have to protect what matters most. What’s The Worst That Can Happen? Some time ago, I gave a legal consultation to a very troubled man with IRS problems. He was visited by the …Read More

  6. Avoids 10+ Years in Prison and $200,000 Tax

    Background: A business owner, after his IRS audit, closed his construction company and retired. His audit was referred to IRS Criminal Investigation. The government believed, and gathered evidence that the business owner defrauded the government of tax, by intentionally concealing unreported income during several years. After a grand jury hearing, the government sought conviction on multiple felon…Read More