1. How to Resolve a Federal or Illinois Tax Lien Before Selling A Home

    If you have gotten behind on your taxes, you may have a federal tax lien or Illinois tax lien on your home. If you want to sell your home to get out of tax debt, you’ll need to resolve your federal or state lien first.  While you can contact the IRS or state of Illinois by yourself, you’ll get faster results by working with a lawyer to remove an IRS tax lien. Working with the IRS can be chall…Read More

  2. Resolving Federal or Illinois Tax Liens Before Selling a Business

    When businesses get behind on their tax payments, the IRS and state can put a tax lien on the company. Your personal finances may be impacted, depending on how your business is structured. That’s why it’s vital to resolve business tax liens as quickly as possible, especially when you want to sell your business.    The IRS might grant approval for you to sell your business if you can use …Read More

  3. How Tax Liens Affect Your Credit Score

      Tax liens have an indirect effect on credit scores and make it difficult to secure loans or get funding from outside sources.    Having a tax lien on your home or business used to be a death sentence for credit scores. The lien would be reported to the three major credit reporting bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and could remain on there for up to seven years, even if you …Read More

  4. How Resolving a Tax Lien Affects Your Credit Score

    The good news for anyone with a tax lien, is that it no longer will directly impact your credit score. Starting in 2018, the three major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, decided not to include tax liens on credit reports. This means that having a tax lien put on your home by the IRS or state won’t automatically lower your credit score. Related video: How Do I Get Rid of a Tax L…Read More

  5. Is Tax Law Offices Right for You?

      Is TAX LAW OFFICES the Right Firm for You?   Tax Law Offices has handled some of the most threatening tax audit, collection and investigation cases. We see more emergency tax cases because Tax Law Offices is more specialized: Our typical case involves liability greater than $50,000 in tax and penalties.  We focus on state and IRS tax problems that involve businesses and self-employed …Read More

  6. What is the Equifax Tax Lien Settlement?

    WHAT IS THE EQUIFAX TAX LIEN SETTLEMENT? WHAT IS THE EQUIFAX TAX LIEN SETTLEMENT ($1500)   Many people are surprised to learn they have tax liens. Unfortunately, those liens are public information, and are even reported by credit bureaus. This story relates to problems that our clients see every day. That is – incorrect or outdated federal tax liens.   The Good News: People with old t…Read More