1. IRS Uses Private Debt Collection Agencies – Are My Clients Affected?

    IRS Uses Private Debt Collection Agencies – Are My Clients Affected? Beginning in 2016, IRS is allowed to assign a person’s tax debt to a private company for collection. Oddly enough, this fairly new law is both tax law and transportation legislation, namely, the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act” (or FAST). The idea was to facilitate an expedited collection of tax, to expedit…Read More

  2. Will a Government Shutdown Delay My Tax Refund?

    Another government shutdown could certainly slow down tax return processing. This could indeed delay refunds. Here are a few things to think about: 1) Anytime the government "shuts down," that event does not affect all employees the same. Generally, only non-essential employees are told to stay home. Similarly, only non-essential services are cut. However, these non-essentials include many of the …Read More

  3. Business License Revoked Due to Unpaid Illinois Taxes

    In Illinois, licensed business owners who fail to pay their state taxes can lose their privilege to stay in business. This article addresses some of those situations. Local Business with Unpaid State Income Taxes One past client held a cosmetology license under Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations for over a decade. Her hair styling business was profitable, and she filed t…Read More