1. How to Eliminate Taxes in Bankruptcy (Six Basics)

    Sometimes taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. The rules are technical. There are six basic rules that govern whether the tax can be dischargeable. We will simplify each basic rule, so that you may better help your clients. CPA’s Must Understand Bankruptcy Options For people with serious debt problems, bankruptcy helps, not hurts. So very often, bankruptcy improves a person’s credit rating, …Read More

  2. Top 5 Tips – How to Get $1,200 Coronavirus Relief Payment

    How Do I Get My $1,200 Coronavirus Relief Check? (Best Tips) The Internal Revenue Service’s big headline read, “No action needed by most people at this time”. But we now have more information that our earlier blog on the $1200 checks. The IRS says that the first of the $1,200 Coronavirus relief payments will be sent sometime during the next 21 days, presumably by April 20, 2020. According to…Read More