1. Is Tax Law Offices Right for You?

      Is TAX LAW OFFICES the Right Firm for You?   Tax Law Offices has handled some of the most threatening tax audit, collection and investigation cases. We see more emergency tax cases because Tax Law Offices is more specialized: Our typical case involves liability greater than $50,000 in tax and penalties.  We focus on state and IRS tax problems that involve businesses and self-employed …Read More

  2. What Does IRS Consider in Assessing the Trust Fund Penalty?

    When taxes are taken out of an employee’s paycheck, they should be immediately paid over to the IRS and state tax departments. Those paycheck withholdings are collectively referred to as the “trust fund” taxes.    One of IRS’s greatest priorities is the collection of paycheck withholdings that were never paid to the government. In doing so, IRS will determine whether someone within t…Read More

  3. The Best Way to Remove IRS Tax Liens

    HOW DOES A FEDERAL TAX LIEN AFFECT ME? A federal tax lien is an instrument used by the IRS. The Illinois Department of Revenue and other state tax departments have similar liens.    This federal IRS tax lien is not just a document. Instead, it is a claim of IRS’s financial interest in all assets that the lien attached. The tax lien actually attaches to all the assets of the person who owes…Read More