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Have you recently discovered that you are the subject of an IRS tax audit? Do you feel ill-prepared to defend yourself against accusations from the Internal Revenue Service? As a government agency, the IRS has far-reaching powers that can potentially lead to devastating consequences for both individuals and businesses who fall under its scrutiny. When you need help the most, turn to Bolingbrook’s trusted taxation attorney Jeffrey Anton Collins of Business Tax Settlement Corp. (formerly Tax Law Offices). Mr. Collins has a long history of defending people just like you against the IRS in audits, hearings, investigations, and trials in U.S. Tax Court. When it feels like nobody can help you in your fight against accusations of tax fraud or outstanding tax liability, Mr. Collins is prepared to be your strongest ally.

tax5aAn experienced tax attorney can make all the difference

The difference between Business Tax Settlement Corp. and any other Bolingbrook law firm is that we are a highly specialized team that focuses solely on providing IRS representation to businesses and individuals who are being investigated for or charged with crimes related to taxation.

Jeffrey Collins has years of experience working both within and against the IRS, and nobody understands tax law better. U.S. Tax Code is notorious for being extremely convoluted, and in order to secure the best possible result in court, you need an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to navigate it and build a sound defense.

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Whether you need to file an appeal of a tax court decision or help with communicating with the IRS, our professional team of tax attorneys is ready to stand by your side. Don’t let the stress of an IRS audit take over your life; relief is just around the corner with our help. If you need IRS representation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best team available. Contact Business Tax Settlement Corp. today for a free consultation!

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