1. Big Mistake in Handling IRS Audits!

    IRS examinations are intimidating. Mistakes are made. That's why it's important to have the knowledge of an experienced IRS tax attorney at your disposal. Typically, during an IRS examination, the auditor wants to do a full review of items on (and off) your client’s tax return. Then, when the exam is nearly complete, the IRS agent wants you to sign an agreement for an increase in tax. Or maybe …Read More

  2. 3 Basics the Smartest Tax Preparers Know About Bankruptcy

    Tax Preparers always manage to know something about everything in business. Take it from an experienced IRS tax attorney, extensive business knowledge is part of the tax profession. But what about bankruptcy for clients? You already heard that it’s bad for business! Right? And that bankruptcy is not even relevant to your clients? Any, isn’t bankruptcy like … financial ruin? Like a “last re…Read More

  3. Controversies Surrounding The IRS

    The Internal Revenue Service has a tarnished reputation in America, and not all of it is undeserved. While it is absolutely in the public’s best interest to collect taxes to fund infrastructure and programs that benefit everyone, the IRS has been known to abuse its power and carry out its duties in a less-than-competent manner. This has led to innocent taxpayers being subjected to unfair collect…Read More

  4. The History Of The IRS

    The Internal Revenue Service as we know it today is an enormous division of our government, fraught with bureaucracy and prone to errors that often lead to innocent taxpayers seeking the defense of a criminal tax attorney. And while paying taxes in America is a reality that every individual and business must come to accept, the complicated tax codes and sometimes controversial collection practices…Read More

  5. Am I Going to be Arrested? (Scam-Alert)

    I have an interesting story below. It’s a short 2-3 minute read, but it’s worth the time. I am a tax lawyer that provides various types of IRS Representation. I receive phone calls every week, for all types of IRS problems: collections, audits (examinations), and criminal matters. And sometimes other matters too. Actual Phone Call Today My very first call this morning, from someone in a comp…Read More

  6. Understanding ACA Penalties for Business (Part 2)

    Health Insurance Requirements and Penalties Under the Affordable Care Act For an applicable “Large Employer” to avoid penalty under the Affordable Care Act, it must offer health insurance coverage to its full-time employees. That insurance plan offered must meet three requirements: The insurance plan must provide minimum essential coverage for the eligible employees and their dependents; The i…Read More

  7. Understanding ACA Penalties For Businesses (Part 1)

    There is a new set of rules for employers under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also called “ObamaCare” or “the Act”. Any business considered to be a “Large Employer” must offer its employees health insurance coverage that meets the requirements of the ACA. A business’s failure to offer that insurance could result in a series of penalties for the employer. But there is some good news …Read More