1. Expectations for Working Moms Under Trump Tax Plan Explained

    President-Elect Donald Trump’s proposed tax plan is surprisingly very detailed.  Without advocating, defending, or bashing the plan, I want to summarize what to expect. Trump Tax Plan Easily Boosts Net-of-Tax Incomes for the Wealthy First, Trump spoke to the “working class.” He promised to "massively cut taxes for the middle class, the forgotten people, the forgotten men and women of this c…Read More

  2. Worst IRS Nightmare … Ever!

    Before you read another paragraph here, I must first explain: This is an embarrassingly true story of how dealing with the IRS Criminal Investigations can affect—no, TRANSFORM—a person. There is always a cost, but you have to protect what matters most. What’s The Worst That Can Happen? Some time ago, I gave a legal consultation to a very troubled man with IRS problems. He was visited by the …Read More

  3. IRS’s Pot of Gold – The Medical Marijuana 100% Tax

      Marijuana (or Cannabis, or MM). It’s not a new thing, but with the explosion of legal medical marijuana, it’s the new BIG thing. In this article, IRS tax attorney Jeffrey Anton Collins takes a closer look at the taxation issues faced by legal cannabis businesses. Growers, cultivators, and dispensers expect to make huge profits on the sale of cannabis products. Just like with any other lawf…Read More

  4. Información Útil para Detener el IRS

    Escucha la Entrevista en Televisión (En inglés)   PROGRAMA DE ENTREVISTAS – SPECTACULAR CHICAGO ENTREVISTA con el ABOGADO DE IMPUESTOS JEFFREY ANTON COLLINS Entrevista con Jim Baltzer, anfitrión de Spectacular Chicago, y desde Downers Grove en el área de Illinois, Jeffrey Anton Collins, un abogado de impuestos, contador, y antiguo agente de la IRS. Ellos discuten que hacer respecto a proble…Read More

  5. Due Process to Stop IRS Collections

    If IRS files a tax lien against you, you have a right to stop them. One way is by “Due Process of Law”, but without the help of a skilled tax lawyer, you don’t always get the chance to exercise that right. And that’s a problem. This legal term, “Due Process”, basically means fair treatment through a normal justice system. This is certainly a person’s right with regard to IRS tax liab…Read More

  6. Is April 15 the Tax Filing Deadline this Year?

    A friendly reminder from your Downers Grove tax attorney... April 15 Deadline is Adjusted to April 18 !! This year's individual tax returns are due April 18, as Saturday, April 16, 2016, is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia, and the holiday is observed on Friday, April 15. However, because Patriot's Day will be observed on April 18 in Maine and Massachusetts, residents of those states …Read More

  7. 5 Ways Businesses Can Get Tax Relief

    Hear the TV Interview TV TALK SHOW - SPECTACULAR CHICAGO INTERVIEW with TAX ATTORNEY JEFFREY ANTON COLLINS Interview with Jim Baltzer, host of Spectacular Chicago, and from the Naperville, Illinois area, Jeffrey Anton Collins, a tax lawyer, accountant, and former IRS agent. They discuss what to do involving serious IRS problems.   IRS Collection Notices All right. So what happens when the IRS is…Read More

  8. Transferring Ownership in Home Health Care Agency

    Location Schaumburg IL Background A series of LLC-formed, Home Health Care agencies was under Internal Revenue Service collection and Medicaid recuperation. Each agency was owned, in part, by one family. One agency had significant employment tax liability. This IRS back-tax was due to a long-term habit of only issuing net paychecks to employees, but failing to pay over the withholdings. IRS also a…Read More

  9. $325K Discharged Taxes after IRS Audit

    Location: Schaumburg, Illinois Background: IRS audited a financial services professional. The government discovered there was additional, misreported income, and considered examining future years. Because a substantial amount of business income was misreported, there was a finding of over $250,000 in additional IRS federal tax, penalty and interest, for multiple years. IRS collection began immedia…Read More

  10. How Smart Home Healthcare Agencies Fix IRS Problems

    Hundreds of home healthcare agencies have tons of legal problems. We know that licensing compliance, Medicare and Medicaid audits, and state reimbursements are huge obstacles. Right now, let’s focus on how they avoid IRS tax problems. Two Main Tax Issues with Home Healthcare Providers Payroll Back Taxes Cash is short. On pay day, the owner says, “Just write pay checks for the net amount. We’…Read More