1. How to Make a Charitable Donation Count on Taxes

    As many people know, charitable contributions to their community don't just make a difference—it also provides an opportunity to relieve your tax burden for the year. In fact, this tax benefit is a massive reason why so many donors give; more than two-thirds of donors with a high net worth have said they would decrease their giving amounts if they were not given such a nice tax deduction for doi…Read More

  2. Tax Debts and Bankruptcy

    What happens when the taxes you owe to the government are more than you actually have? This can be a tricky situation, and many people who find themselves owing more than they can afford require legal assistance from an IRS tax lawyer. In many situations, the debtor will still need to pay back their tax debt even after they declare bankruptcy. However, the laws of bankruptcy will sometimes allow f…Read More

  3. Taxes on Prize Money

    It feels pretty good to win money, doesn’t it? Whether you hit it big at a casino, called into the radio at just the right time, or won a sweepstake, you earned a prize you didn’t have before. While winning these things might feel good - or incredible! - keep in mind that these prizes are taxable. If you are wondering how these prizes are taxed, read on to learn more. We at Tax Law Offices som…Read More

  4. Top Business Tax Audit Triggers

    You can ask any small business owner what they would like to avoid most when it comes to their company, and we are sure most of them would respond with “a tax audit from the IRS.” It’s no wonder why - these audits can lead to disaster and financial ruin if things are handled incorrectly. That’s why it’s important to contact an IRS tax lawyer the moment you know your business is being aud…Read More

  5. When and Why You May Need an IRS Tax Attorney

    What can you expect when you have IRS tax issues? Can you handle them on your own, or is it best to hire an attorney to represent you? The IRS is not an agency you want to cross, and unfortunately, everything they deal with is very sensitive when it comes to the consequences. Even the smallest mistake could cost you time and money, and it may very well land you in jail. So, if you are facing an au…Read More

  6. President Trump Will Get Audited, VP Pence Will Too

    President Trump Will Get Audited, VP Pence Will Too Even with IRS audits lower now than they were a decade ago, for two Americans, they are guaranteed to be audited by IRS. Since the Watergate era, there has been a mandatory examination of the Presidential and Vice Presidential taxes. President Trump has President Nixon to thank for this, due to both President Nixon and Vice President Agnew being …Read More

  7. Top Tax Mistakes That Could Get You Into Trouble

    Tax season has officially ended, so you’ve surely gotten everything turned in to be processed! Did you do your taxes correctly? Little mistakes happen all the time, so that does not necessarily mean that the IRS is going to be sending you threatening letters or showing up at your door anytime soon. However, it is much wiser to be safe than sorry. Unless you are well-accustomed to doing your taxe…Read More