1. What Documents Should You Keep for Taxes?

    Most people collect quite a few financial documents during a year, so it’s no surprise that some end up being tossed, others end up stuffed in a drawer, and few actually make it to the filing cabinet. However, if you are trying you couple your tax filing with some spring cleaning, be careful! While many people think that they are done with their taxes from the previous year and they can toss it …Read More

  2. Losing Your Passport for Unpaid Taxes?

    Most Americans have a general understanding of what can happen when it comes to neglecting to pay or file taxes. There are late fees, fines, and possibly even wage garnishment to be concerned about. In more serious cases, there can even be prison time. However, now losing your passport is added to the possible list of taxes punishments! Those citizens who are seriously delinquent in their tax debt…Read More

  3. Young Millennials in Tax Trouble

    Imagine a horrible nightmare, being young, finally employed, and receiving a letter from the IRS about taxes due. What do you do? You have limited experience with taxes, plus limited income, and therefore, seemingly limited options. We recently encountered a similar situation. One morning, a young woman contacted our office. She inquired about services after having received a letter from the IRS. …Read More

  4. Top Tax Law Questions

    Tax season can certainly bring some stress, and we understand why. While some people know that they will be receiving a return, for others, this may be far from the case. If you are stressing about tax season, read on to see if we can answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tax law. Here are some of the top questions people like you are trying to find answers for. Who doesn’t file…Read More

  5. Trump’s New Tax Plan – What to Expect

    Trump’s New Tax Plan – What to Expect The new tax plan President Trump and Congress have proposed seems to offer an assortment of pros and cons for individuals and families. Even as it is ever-changing, some will see higher taxes; some will experience lower taxes overall. But still, the effects depend greatly on the taxpayer’s situation. Here we try to summarize the net effects among various…Read More

  6. Common Myths About Tax Audits – Part Two

    Hello, and welcome back! In our last blog post, we began discussing some of the top reasons why people fear audits from the IRS and common myths folk have about what the IRS does to people who need an audit. Today, we are going to continue discussing these myths. Read on to learn more, and contact Tax Law Offices today for IRS tax attorney assistance if you find yourself facing an audit. Myth: Tho…Read More

  7. Consequences of Misclassifying 1099 Employees

    With freelance work becoming more and more popular each year, we have begun to see an influx of issues with businesses misclassifying their employees as contractors in order to save on their taxes. The cost of doing this can be massive, with some companies owing millions depending on how severe the situation was. And, of course, many companies have begun to face class action lawsuits as a result. …Read More

  8. Common Myths About Tax Audits – Part One

    Many people dread filing their taxes simply because it could end up with the IRS contacting them for an audit. Some have this idea that the IRS will show up on their doorstep and take all their personal assets away. However, what actually happens in these audits is drastically different. Most of the time, only about one percent of people who file their taxes get audited. This is because the IRS us…Read More

  9. Keep All Tax Return Copies

    Mistakes Do Happen (So CYA) It is a good idea to keep everything you or your tax preparer file with the IRS. (Duh.) One of our recent cases gives an example of an IRS problem caused by failing to keep complete and accurate records. This case is being handled out of the Matteson IL office. This IRS location handles most collection cases from cities like Matteson, Frankfort, Mokena, Orland Hills, an…Read More

  10. IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBJ4mALwPOw&feature=youtu.be We all know that our tax system allows couples to file their taxes together, but what can a spouse do when they find out their significant other has been filing taxes improperly, or worse, not at all? Is there a way to protect their assets? As it turns out, yes! This program is called innocent spouse relief, and you can file for it i…Read More