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Expert taxation attorney Jeffrey Collins deals with large tax liabilities, audits, and IRS criminal investigations. We help business owners, tax preparers, and other individuals with complex tax situations. We create solutions for unmanageable IRS tax liability. You need the best and most specialized tax lawyer you can find to defend against all IRS audits, investigations, and indictments. Our tax law office is located in Naperville IL, but we can help with your IRS problems no matter where in the U.S. and its territories you reside. Contact us today for a Free Consultation and we will follow-up within 2 business hours!

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Complete IRS & Tax Representation

No matter how complicated your troubles are, or where in the U.S. you live, the professional legal experts at the Tax Law Office of Jeffrey Anton Collins will stand up to the IRS and defend you with the expertise and accessibility you need.

Our highly specialized legal tax experts have the knowledge, resources, and experience you can count on. Our authoritative counsel and representation of your case can make all the difference. If your situation is complicated, don’t take any chances, you need the best!

Find out what makes us better than any of the so-called “tax resolution experts” out there. The depth of our knowledge extends far beyond ordinary cases, and we understand the needs of our clients better than anybody.

We put a stop to aggressive IRS collections, file petitions with the U.S. Tax Court, defend individuals and businesses under audit, handle appeals, and represent taxpayers who have been accused of criminal tax violations. We work with your tax return preparers to create a team solution.

If you’re dealing with an IRS audit, aggressive collection tactics, or have been accused of criminal violations of the U.S. Tax Code, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey Anton Collins right away. We work with accounting firms, attorneys, trucking companies, real estate developers and investors, restaurants, medical practices, manufacturers, car dealerships, and other small business owners. No matter what your situation is, we do everything to obtain a successful result.

We help clients all over the United States and its territories. We can provide you with counsel and representation over the phone, online, or by traveling to you. Your situation is not simple – so give it serious attention. Contact us today and we will follow up within two business hours to set up a free strategy meeting.

Free Consultation

We are experts in the highly specialized field of tax law. IRS tax attorney Jeffrey Collins, LLM received a Master of Laws in Taxation, developed years of experience as a licensed Certified Public Accountant and working for the Internal Revenue Service. We specialize in defending individuals and businesses with complex audits, aggressive IRS collections, IRS criminal investgations, and tax liability in excess of $100,000. We have the knowledge and the resources to deal with attorneys, accountants, and IRS officials at a higher level than other lawyers.

Naperville, Wheaton, Lisle and Bolingbrook taxpayers – or those located anywhere else – facing possible criminal charges for alleged violations of the U.S. Tax Code must make smart choices for handling this problem. You owe it to yourself to secure the best legal help you can get. Let tax lawyer Jeffrey Collins review your case for free, and find out why he’s the one you can trust to obtain the best outcome for your difficult situation.

Contact us today and we will respond within 2 business hours, ready to help you! 


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